Email from Scope Sky
To All ISPs

Subject: Open Internet Application


A reference to the directives issued by the higher authorities to reopen the internet application Excluding the pornography websites that provides through your company and companies that provided through your partners as below:

1. Baghdad Excluding around Baghdad ( Aladil, alghazaliyah, abo ghreeb, alradwanyah, mahmodiyah, latifyah, taji, yousfiyah, almsayab, altarmyeh )

2. Provinces in middle and south ( Babylon, Wasit, Najaf, Karbala, Aldiwanyah, almuthana, thi qar, messan, albasra ).

3. keep the news sites blocked.

4. Keep the situation as it is in the provinces : Nineveh, Salahaldeen, Kirkuk, Diyala, alanbar.

5. Keep the internet shut down in ( Falluja, Jurf alsakhr )

For your information and take necessary .. Sincerely


Source: one of ISPs Emoplye in Iraq Mr. Abdalrahman Wana

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